I specialize in helping you step into your Chief Executive role through financial and systems organization so you can focus on the things you love most and reduce the stress of managing it all on your own

Your 'On Call' CFO

Financial freedom, critical decision making and peace of mind starts with knowing your numbers

Know Your Numbers!

I will help you understand your business finances and create financial reports that work for you! You’ll finally have complete 360° insight into your financial picture – so you can see where you are now, where you want to be and what you need to get there.

I will support you in becoming the Chief Executive (CEO) of your business so that you are crystal clear on the questions you need to ask, anticipate the potential risks and understand best timing to move on key opportunities.

You will be confident in your ability to making decisions and plan to achieve the goals you set for your business.

I can support you in the development of your business plan and be the bridge between your tax preparer and bankers.

Systems Improvement

Imagine how relieved you will feel when all of your bookkeeping and accounting records are up to date, organized and ready to give you the information you need.

Simple Systems

I will help you get totally caught up with your books regardless of how far behind you are and set up simple systems for tracking your income and expenses from a basic Excel spreadsheet to an accounting package such as QuickBooks.  Once you’re caught up, you can start making those important strategic decisions with more confidence (and sleeping better!).

Event Planning & Onsite Management

Do you need to organize events on top of all of your other responsibilities?

Enjoy A Successful Event

With my extensive experience in event management, I will help you effectively plan and bring to successful fruition your business or social event. Your event will be organized, within budget, well planned, and you’ll have energy for the important contacts and the successful focus of your event goals.

  • Project Management of your event details
  • Secure event site
  • Liaison with facilities, vendors, performers, and sound technicians
  • Assistance with budget and tracking
  • Promotion
  • Registration

Are some of the areas I can help you so that you enjoy the success of your event.

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Ready to let go of the monthly bookkeeping so you can focus on running your company?

More Than Just “Doing Your Books”

I enjoy working with select few clients on an ongoing basis.  I won’t just “do your books”; I will provide you with a second set of strategic eyes so you know your numbers and can make informed strategic decisions. We’ll work toward empowering you so that you can grow and improve your business.

With my help you can rely on up-to-date, reconciled and accurate books each month. You’ll end up with tax-preparation ready books and be better prepared to start the year without slowing down.

You’ll be able to focus on the things that you love and do best while also having confidence that the money side of your business is competently taken care of.


Your investment with me can suit both your needs and budget.

My rate for On-Call CFO services is $50/ hour.

Systems Improvement and Event Planning services are $40/hour.

Ongoing Bookkeeping rate is $35/hour.

The first hour of consultation is Free and will give us a chance to meet in person (whenever possible), and determine the specifics of the project and your needs. We can then mutually decide to move forward or wish each other the best.

Through Knowledge, Extensive Experience, and Commitment to My Community, I Shine the Light on Solutions that make YOU Feel Confident, Secure, Informed and helps you Focus on the Work You Love


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